Fire Damage Repair Fort Lauderdale

Fire & Smoke Damage Repair Fort Lauderdale

If your Fort Lauderdale home or business suffers fire and/or smoke damage is is vital that you call a professional fire and smoke repair company with techncians trained to restore your property to pre-damaged conditions. Call Water Damage Restoration Inc. 954-228-8668 for hour response.

Fire damage can be a devastating event. It can be caused by a myriad of factors including cigarettes, curling irons, and most are completely accidental.

Accident or not, fire can literally destroy a lifetime of possessions and hard work! And the cost is not just monetary. Fires are the second leading cause of accidental death in the home. However, even with severe fire damage, quick or immediate fire damage restoration can help you to quickly reduce soot, smoke, and other long term damage and risks in general.

When it comes to fire damage restoration, it involves many components. Obviously, it cannot actually undo the emotional damage and loss that so often comes with a serious house fire. You cannot necessarily restore pictures, or a lifetime of memories and possessions. And of course, there is always the inconvenience of having to find other accommodations.

But fire damage repair does more than just restoring the condition of your home. It is about safety. Yes, you can slap on a new coat of paint. Yes you can make the house look nice. But oftentimes, with fire damage, you see serious damage to the structure of the house as well as build up of char, dust, and other things that can actually damage health and wellness of any future occupants.

So What Does Fire Damage Restoration Involve?

It depends in part on the fire damage as to what will be involved in fire damage restoration in terms of time, effort, and otherwise. However, there are a few basic steps necessary to ensure your safety and overall satisfaction with a home that looks like new, like it should have before any suffered fire damage, no matter the cause or reason.

  1. Remove all damaged cells-Any structural component that has suffered serious fire damage is not going to be fixed with some glue and a good coat of new paint. And trying to do a patchwork job in fire damage restoration can actually do more damage than good in the long run. Therefore, we remove all structural components that have been damaged in the fire.
  2. Remove floor coverings-when it comes to fire damage restoration, you have to remove these as they can collect soot, dust, and it can cover other damage that needs to be properly evaluated.
  3. Evaluate the structural framing and subfloor material-once we have removed the carpeting, damaged structural cells, we can do a full evaluation of the subfloor material and other things that you do not see every day to complete a full and helpful evaluation for comprehensive fire damage restoration that won’t have to be fixed later on.
  4. Treat wall framing with odor counteractants-there are cases in which the framing can be saved, and it can therefore save you time, money, and suffering. In this case, we will do what is needed using the appropriate odor counteractants to make sure that there is no microbial contamination or other things that may harm your health or your house in the future.
  5. Remove or restore the HVAC-this is absolutely critical to real success. The HVAC, depending on the extent of the damage, must be carefully evaluated and thoroughly restored or removed altogether depending on the particular case. This will eliminate harmful dust and char particles in the air that could cause scarring or even scarring of the alveoli.

Those are the basic steps of fire damage restoration. But there is so much more involved. At Water Damage Restoration Inc., our fire and smoke repair team will  take all the best safety precautions while checking each individual room for its fire damage restoration needs. We air out structures, extract any water or moisture, paint walls, salvage lightly damaged structures and replace those that need to be replaced. With our fire damage restoration services, it won’t be the odor alone that you will never have to see the evidence of. Our goal in fire damage repair services is to make it like the fire never even happened in the first place.

For the most professional Fort Lauderdale area fire damage repair call Water Damage Restoration Inc. 954-228-8668

Smoke Damage


After a fire, many are anxious to clean their house. They see the damage caused by the fire, the black walls, the burned furniture, the obvious visible damage that a fire can cause. But what many don’t think about is the smoke damage. After all, while house fires are the #1 leading cause of accidental death in homes across America, it is not the fire that generally kills, but rather the smoke. And likewise, smoke is ultimately speaking the thing that can remain in walls and structures, causing the most potential damage later on.

But while you can quite easily address the superficial problems associated with smoke damage and fire damage, you need professional smoke damage restoration services in order to really address all potential problems. Yes, new paint and a new dresser may make the area look nice. But it is only covering a bigger problem, putting a bandaid on a broken limb in so many words. So how do you really address proper smoke damage restoration?

First of all, you can do part of the work to get things moving. The first thing to do is to open windows. Get the area properly ventilated, start a fan. In cold weather, you can start your heater while changing the furnace filter on a daily basis. You should dry wet items as efficiently as possible, and address the risk of mold damage.

Smoke odor is often obvious in personal belongings. So you can wash your sheets, blankets, clothes, and upholstered furniture, sometimes even obtaining professional cleaning services to make sure that they are using the proper cleaners and other materials to really get the smell out and properly deodorize the items.


But while you can address these superficial things yourself, there are things that you cannot do for yourself, and that is when it is time to call a smoke damage restoration professional. Smoke damage can come in various types. You can get wet smoke, which is low heat, smoldering, pungent, sticky, and smeary. It is often more difficult to clean. Likewise, there is dry smoke which burns fast and at high temperatures, there is protein smoke which is invisible, but discolors paint with a pungent odor, and there are various other types.

The important thing to note is that things like soot, oil, and fuel can easily become entrapped in the walls, causing future health and livelihood problems. The best smoke damage restoration services will help you by thoroughly cleaning these surfaces, replacing some all together, and properly evaluating the needs of your home so that your home will not only look better, it will actually be better.

At Water Damage Restoration Inc., our goal is to help you get the best smoke damage restoration services in the business. We conduct a thorough and complete evaluation with qualified and trained professionals, and then we explain the process to you, allowing you to understand exactly what is going on. From there, we take the steps necessary to help you properly restore your home and livelihood to the safe and beautiful condition that it should be in.